Home Health And Diabetes Mellitus

Common Diabetes Related Diagnoses for Home Health Patients:

1. Amputations
2. Diabetic Neuropathy
3. Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia
4. Ketoacidosis (insulin and non-insulin dependent)
5. Peripheral Vascular Disease
6. Renal Disease

Common Signs and Symptoms of Diabetic Patients Who are Home Health Appropriate:

1. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels
2. Impaired physical mobility
3. Impaired skin integrity
4. Visual impairment
5. Weight, appetite and hydration changes
6. Elimination changes

Home Health Care Goals for Patients with Diabetes and Related Issues:

1. Instruct patient and family on how to draw and administer insulin
2. Instruct patient and family on blood glucose monitoring process
3. Instruct patient and family of the signs and symptoms of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia
4. Assess patient’s response to treatments and interventions; report changes or unfavorable responses to
the physician
5. Daily compliance with medication regimen and diet instruction
6. Self observational skills in relation to weight, blood glucose levels, and record keeping
7. Instruct on prevention and management of complications associated with diabetes mellitus

Additional Education and Teaching for the Patient, Family, or Caregiver:

1. Importance of medical follow up and signs/symptoms that necessitate calling the physician
2. Referrals to support groups in the community that are available to both the patient and the family
3. Instruct caregiver and/or patient on all aspects of safety and infection control; related to needles, safe
disposal of sharps and effective hand washing
4. Re-emphasize the importance of proper diet, exercise, and foot care
5. Instruct patient on schedule, route, functions and possible side effects related to medications
6. Assess any podiatry needs for ongoing care

Diabetic Patients may be Discharged from Home Health When:

1. Blood sugars are within normal limits for the patients range
2. Patient or family member has been taught care and is competent performing the daily tasks
3. Patient is no longer homebound and is referred to outpatient services