Skilled Nursing at PruittHealth includes recovery care, rehab care, and chronic issue management

Expert Skilled Nursing Care

At PruittHealth, our skilled nursing services are built to help you through every challenge, every step of the way. Our experienced, expert nursing staff delivers advanced care in specially designed facilities that feature the latest technologies.
PruittHealth offers skilled nursing for short and long term care, in-home or at one of our skilled nursing facilities

Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing is the assisted recovery care received when a loved one is recovering from an accident, surgery, or major health event like a stroke. Our expert staff delivers high-quality care at our skilled nursing centers on in-patient and out-patient bases.

Care typically falls into three categories – Recovery Care, Rehabilitative Care, and Chronic Issue Management.


Post-surgical care | Wound care | Injury care



Physical therapy | Occupational therapy | Speech therapy | Stroke rehab



Pain management | Aquatic therapy | Fitness therapy | Memory support

Skilled Nursing Candidates at PruittHealth include Stroke, Heart Attack, Alzeihmers, Memory Care, and Post Surgical Patients.

Skilled Nursing Candidates

Candidates for skilled nursing include anyone who needs enhanced care during recovery or help managing the effects of a major health event or chronic condition. 


Post-surgical patients | Stroke survivors | Heart attack survivors | Diabetic patients | Patients with advanced heart disease | Chronic pain patients | Patients with respiratory illness | Patients with memory issues

PruittHealth offers skilled nursing for short and long term care, in-home or at one of our skilled nursing facilities

Our Services

Our services are personalized to our patients, from day-to-day health and wellness monitoring to specialized rehabilitation regimens. Most services can be accessed on an in-patient or out-patient basis, depending on patient needs.

Find the Care You Need

We deliver expert health services on site or in home. With locations across Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, we’re never far when you need care. Learn more about our care options.

PruittHealth offers affordable skilled nursing care in Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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