Home Health And Pain Management

Pain Management:

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience arising from actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage. Problems associated with pain:

  •  Multiple medication use
  •  Impaired balance resulting in falls
  •  Difficulty in walking affecting activities of daily living
  •  Impaired transfer status
  •  Muscle weakness secondary to self-imposed activity limitations
  •  Social withdrawal which may lead to depression
  •  Impaired overall activity of daily living status

What You Can Expect From the Home Health Program:

Proper pain assessment as well as appropriate interventions is very essential in managing pain. Pain management will allow improvement in:

  •  Balance
  •  Walking
  •  Daily activities
  •  Quality of life
  •  Improvement in range of motion

What You Can Do to Aid in the Recovery Process:


  •  Participate with therapist in pain questionnaire
  •  Actively follow your therapy plan.
  •  Participate in the “home exercise” program given to you by your therapist while you are not in therapy.
  •  Report any worsening of, or development of, any of the  above side effects.
  •  Maintain good nutrition and hydration to promote healing.


  • During visits, encourage your loved one to perform all activities that they are physically able to do(report any changes in condition as needed).