PruittHealth Physicians Services

PruittHealth Physicians Services (PPS) is a new medical practice division recently created to join the PruittHealth family of patient care services.  PruittHealth owns and/or manages over 100 nursing facilities in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.  PPS was formed to eventually provide Medical Directorship and Attending Physician services to our thousands of nursing facility patients.  Currently PPS employs several physicians and nurse practitioners already serving patients in six of our Atlanta area skilled nursing facilities. As the newest member of the PruittHealth family, PPS practitioners will be able to perform beyond the level of services provided by the contracted physicians who have traditionally provided patient care in this sector of healthcare.

Specific dedication of PPS practitioners to PruittHealth patients will enhance care beyond the traditional model:​

  • ​A high ability, time availability, and prioritization for getting to know staff members professionally, to coordinate care within each facility, and to be high-level staff educators, mentors, and teamwork advocates.
  • ​We especially plan to provide a level of practitioner communication, trust, and relationships with patients and their families that is sadly lacking with the minimal availability and engagement provided by the traditional model of practitioner care in this setting.
  • ​The Medical Director role is traditionally one of meeting minimum expectations for regulatory compliance, policy oversight, and quality improvement.  PPS is modeled with a level of intentional engagement and accountability designed to correct this pervasive industry weakness.
  • ​Preventive care, vaccinations, appropriate pain management, and thoughtful management of complex problems over time are issues poorly addressed in the nursing home setting, which often lagging far behind an organized office practice setting.  This model positions the practitioners to address and appropriately manage these kinds of issues, which require foresight and long-term planning.
  • ​A significant reduction of preventable and unwanted hospitalizations.  This means having practitioners with the time and expertise to oversee and assist with the care when serious illness occurs, but patients want to avoid hospitalization.  It is well-known that the main ingredient lacking to accomplish this is competent practitioner availability and engagement.
  • ​PPS providers will directly engage in educational and Q&A sessions/events for patient family members; something PruittHealth has never been able to get more than a few contracted providers to provide or enjoy.
  • ​​Better care coordination and communication with hospitals, referral sources, and third-party payers.  Intentional pursuit of better communication/coordination with outside hospitals/physicians is a critical ingredient for better transitions of care, a more informed post-acute admission process, better continuity of care, and better relationships with local hospitals and other facilities, specifically their discharge coordinators and physicians. ​